The Swim Academy is a great place to learn to swim! Our Academy runs at Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill, Mildenhall and Newmarket swimming pools.

The Swim Academy allows more scope to continually raise standards while providing fun, quality based swimming lessons for all.

Lessons run for 50 weeks of the year - this gives all swimmers the opportunity to realise their full potential and gain maximum benefits from regular physical activity. PLUS, we're offering new payment structures to make the process seamless and easy for you as a parent.

Benefits of the Swimming Academy are:

  • All Swim Academy lessons will run for a minimum of 50 weeks per year
  • There will be continual progression and ongoing assessment of individual swimmers
  • A variety of payment options and the introduction of Direct Debits
  • Increasing the choice of lessons, making it easier to book
  • Extending swimming development pathways, both top and bottom
  • Regular communication with parents

We've made some slight changes to our development pathways, with clearer links to West Suffolk, Mildenhall and Newmarket Swimming clubs and other external options.


Why do you run your programme throughout the year?

It has been clearly demonstrated that children progress more quickly in an all year programme. Long breaks, for example, summer holiday periods, can have a negative impact on a child's progress in swimming lessons. We are also responding to ever changing demands and social patterns such as both parents working and grandparents involved in child care which demands more consistent activity.

How will my child's progress be assessed?

Our teachers are experienced and qualified to deliver progressive, structured lessons, which follow the national plan for the teaching of swimming. Your child's progress will be continually assessed which means they can progress at any point rather than having to wait for everyone to meet the criteria.

At Abbeycroft Leisure, we take the progress of our swimmers very seriously. So, if the swimmer's progress has not been updated after a lesson or if you feel like your child is not progressing, we offer a free assessment with our Swimming Co-Ordinator.

Will there be a start date and end date to a term?

Continuous assessment means there are no start and end dates to a term as the programme runs throughout the year with only a two week break at Christmas.

Do you run Holiday courses?

Yes we will be offering swimming courses during school holiday periods, we also offer opportunities to try other aquatic sports such as snorkelling and diving

What if I don't want my child to have swimming lessons all year round?

If you are paying by direct debit you will be entitled to give 1-months' notice to cancel your child's session. The introduction of continuous assessment will make access to your preferred session easier when you decide to return.

I have a payment issue or question.

If you have a payment query, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email a member of the team.

I wish to cancel my membership.

If you wish to cancel my membership, please click here for The Swim Academy Refund and Cancellation Policy